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Address: 45 Macalister St
(PO Box 47) Sale VIC, 3850
Phone: (03) 5144 3877
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About Sale VIC

In 2008 Beveridge Williams merged with local company Kluge Jackson Consultants, a company that has been established in the Central Gippsland District since 1955. The merge has bequeathed upon Beveridge Williams a wealth of local knowledge, with over 50 years’ experience in providing surveying, urban design, town planning, civil engineering, project management, landscape architecture, environmental consultants and contamination assessment services to the local land development industry.

Our diverse range of knowledge and wide experience enables us to provide our clients with the integrated consulting services needed to successfully acquire, plan, design, construct and manage development projects from conception through to completion.

The history of involvement in the development sector has led to the establishment of excellent relationships with our region’s Councils, State government departments and service authorities, which serve us greatly in achieving prompt project delivery for our clients.

Personnel Resources

We were fortunate enough for legendary local surveyors Peter Kluge and John Jackson to stay on with the firm after the merger. Peter moved on after 5 years, but John is still with us providing the same top quality service to the people of the Wellington Shire at reasonable prices as he has done for over 40 years.

Simon Whitford, a Sale local and licensed surveyor with very broad industry experience, was appointed manager at the changeover and has overseen a period of very strong success during an otherwise challenging period for the local development sector.

Simon has nurtured the development of a very strong survey contingent headed by John Jackson and two licensed surveyors, David Stringer and Josh King. The division also consists of local graduate surveyor Michael Coleman, survey technician Ben Wright and assistants Michael Dee and Kristy Glover, continuing to perform at a very high level while sharing their wealth of industry experience.

Town Planning is handled by Chris Curnow, a professional town planner with over 13 years experience who provides discrete planning advice, secures planning permits for developments big and small, organizes land rezonings and represents our clients at VCAT.

The whole office is held together by Amber Shingles, a seriously gifted and tireless office administration manager who does not know the meaning of the word “impossible”. She is ably assisted by Penny Kronk who brings many years of administrative experience with her.

The Sale Office has an excellent track record of achieving success in an accurate, timely and cost effective fashion and fully deserves its impeccable reputation in the local development sector.


The Sale division draws upon extensive experience in all types of projects for surveying, urban design, town planning, civil engineering, project management, landscape architecture, environmental consultants and contamination assessment.

This division has provided these services to all local Councils in the Gippsland area, private enterprise developments, public developments, whilst also serving as a consultant to a wide range of state authorities including Gippsland Water and Southern Rural Water at Maffra.