Albion Street, West Brunswick

Albion Street
Client: BW Developments P/L
Project Value: Civil: $675,000
Site Location: 480-502 Albion St, West Brunswick
Council: Moreland City Council
BW Services: Civil Engineering
Environmental Consulting


Also known as Phoenix Estate, this is a residential development in Brunswick West located on Albion Street and Duggan Streets, compromising a mix of commercial and residential uses. The site will contain many commercial facilities including Retirement Living and a Convenience Store.

The residential component of the development will consist of a variety of styles of living including town residences, apartment style living, warehouse lofts and upmarket dwellings.

Historically the site was used for industrial purposes since the late 1920’s and as a consequence had both soil and groundwater contamination issues. As part of a Statutory Environmental Audit of the site, Beveridge Williams assessed the risk of soil and groundwater contamination, supervised building demolition and site remediation to ensure suitability of the site for the development proposal.