Ballarat Resort, Ballarat

Client: Thorney Properties Pty Ltd
Area: 660 Hectares
Site Location: Ballarat
Council: City of Ballarat
BW Services: Town Planning


The Ballarat Resort Development is located 10km west of Ballarat and incorporates 3,000 residential allotments, a championship 18 hole golf course, retirement village, school and town centre. The development will be based around golf courses and parklands and focused on implementing innovative environmentally sensitive design principals.

The development incorporates a mixture of landscaped swale drainage system, bio-retention pits (rain gardens), gross pollutant traps, wetlands and detention basins. Water quality has also been analysed using the Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualization (MUSIC).

Water balance has been incorporated into the development to use locally generated stormwater and wastewater reuse as a substitute for imported water. The effects of climate change on water balance has also been analysed to account for three scenarios of climate change, (i) no change, (ii) moderate change and (iii) severe change.