Deer Park Bypass

Deer Park Bypass
Client: VicRoads
Area: 9km Length
Site Location: Deer Park ByPass between the Western Highway, Ravenhall and Fitzgerald Road, Sunshine West
Council: Melton Shire Council
BW Services: Survey


Beveridge Williams was engaged by VicRoads to undertake survey work along the Deer Bypass Route between the Western Highway and Fitzgerald Road. A feature and level survey was carried out to locate all the features including Roads, Fences dams etc and to define the topography. The purpose of this survey is to create a digital file showing all the existing features and contours so that VicRoads could design the new Bypass. A cadastral survey was also undertaken to define all of the road alignment s and property boundaries along the route. VicRoads SP plans were then drawn which defined the new bypass alignment and formed the basis of the compulsory acquisition process. Plans of Subdivision were then prepared to tidy up the titles that had been affected by the compulsory acquisition process.