Meeniyan Sewerage Scheme

Meeniyan Sewerage Scheme Meeniyan Sewerage Scheme
Client: South Gippsland Water
Project Value: $2.9 million
Site Location: Meeniyan
Council: South Gippsland Shire Council
BW Services: Civil Engineering


Beveridge Williams has been engaged by South Gippsland Water to prepare a detailed design of the following components forming the Meeniyan Sewerage Scheme: Township Sewerage Reticulation, Main Sewerage Pump Station, Rising Main to Treatment Plant and Reuse pipeline to Recreation Reserve.

The Meeniyan township is located either side of the South Gippsland Highway. The estimated number of existing allotments is 220, with the majority of lots already developed. A permanent population of around 400 exists with an estimated increase to 470 by the year 2030. This Sewerage Scheme is aimed at providing sewerage facilities to the smaller 0.25 acres lots. The immediate surrounding land to the north is zoned rural living and the bulk of the township is zoned residential. Consideration and design inclusion need to be given to future potential subdivisions.