Silverbark - Carrum Downs

Silverbark - Carrum Downs Silverbark - Carrum Downs Silverbark - Carrum Downs
Client: Abiwood
Area: 1.8ha
Site Location: 325 McCormicks Road, Carrum Downs
Council: Frankston City Council
BW Services: Survey
Civil Engineering
Landscape Architecture
Urban Design
Town Planning
Project Management


This Estate comprises a mixture of conventional residential lots and three superlots, which will subsequently be developed for medium density housing. This was a challenging infill site which required the balancing of the retention of the River Red Gums, alongside the requirement to connect to the existing road network with limited new access opportunities because of the surrounding development.

The end result comprises a central reserve which provides views from the medium density housing with a further linear tree reserve forming a background to some of the lots.