Water Plan 3 (WP3) Investigations and Reports

Water Plan 3 Water Plan 3
Client: Gippsland Water
Site Location: Gippland/Latrobe Valley
Council: Latrobe, Wellington & Baw Baw Councils
BW Services: Survey
Civil Engineering


Gippsland Water has identified water & sewer mains requiring upgrades/replacement due to various reasons including but not limited to; degraded pipe, potential future developments and assets over capacity. The overall aim is to develop a conceptual plan and cost estimate for Gippsland Water’s future ‘Water Plan’.

Beveridge Williams was engaged to supply detailed design reports and explore the potential alignments based on surrounding area attributes, DBYD plans and complexity of construction. From these factors preferred alignments and cost estimates were developed. The reports also provided assumptions included in the designs and considerations to be further investigated during the detailed design phase.

25+ investigations were carried out for trunk, distribution or transfer systems.

Project achievements include:

Fast turnaround of the investigations and reports with an initial 16 completed within one month.