Woondella Estate, Sale

Woondella Estate, Sale Woondella Estate, Sale Woondella Estate, Sale Woondella Estate, Sale Woondella Estate, Sale
Client: Defence Housing Australia
Site Location: Sale
Council: Wellington Council
BW Services: Survey
Civil Engineering
Landscape Architecture
Urban Design
Town Planning


Woondella Estate is a 190 lot subdivision located in Sale. The vision for Woondella Estate is to create a high quality masterplanned residential living environment. The proposal will set a new benchmark for the region and provide a range of affordable living options. Set amongst established red gums, and with an emphasis on open space, the proposed development will reflect the historical and cultural values of Sale.

The Woondella Park is defined by four remnant Red Gums. These giant eucalypts will be safely retained on the boundary of the park. The trees contribute to the park and the surrounding area by giving the reserve a strong identity whilst providing habitat to local fauna. The design of the estate places an emphasis on connectivity, community and conservation. A permeable road network has been designed with a well-defined road hierarchy. Open space is a key feature of the design with the integration of Woondella Park, passive open space areas and conservation zones. Woondella Residential Estate aims to set a new standard in residential living through the use of best practice, innovative design, and the promotion of walkable active communities.