Chester Street Epping

B1 is a company that specialises in the management and construction of high rise apartments.


B1 Epping Pty Ltd

Site location:

2-4 Chester Street, Epping

Our Services:

B1 is a company that specializes in the management and construction of high rise apartments. Beveridge Williams has provided surveying services to B1 and its associated companies for around 20 years.

Beveridge Williams was engaged to carry out a Plan of Redefinition, Draft Strata Plan and Final Strata Plan.


Nearing the completion of the project, were also engaged to assist with urgent preparation of Ausgrid Easements, an item identified on a timeline provided to our client months in advance.  We undertook a Survey to create Ausgrid Easements in a timely manner, arranged for the Prescribed Authority’s consent to the plans and 88B instrument, and had the documents registered at Land Registry Services in a timely manner.


Beveridge Williams provided our client with a critical path timeline of survey requirements to complete the Final Strata Plan. The timeline formed an integral part of our advice, detailing the extended timeframes through the Christmas break in obtain authority consents. The challenge had already been identified and highlighted to our client before any problems arose.


The registration of the Final Strata Plan occurred seamlessly.

Our experience, relationship with consent authority, and knowledge of Strata Subdivision and authority consents, assisted our client in eliminating unnecessary delays at the 11th hour, and streamlined the titling process for our client.

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