St Germain

A showcase development for the City of Casey. A thriving community inspired by a contemporary European village lifestyle.


St Germain Property’s vision was to deliver a master planned community that integrated a range of health-related facilities with a future town centre. With various commercial and retail facilities, a retirement village, a range of housing options and a vast public open space network, as well as the health facilities, this estate aimed to provide employment opportunities and a great lifestyle for the residents.

The client selected Beveridge Williams because of our local expertise in land development, existing relationships with Council, the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) and other involved infrastructure agencies, plus our understanding of their objectives and capabilities in supporting their vision.


The client needed support to clarify the strategic land uses of the site, deliver road infrastructure to the site and provide for the early delivery of community facilities and local employment opportunities.

We also had to demonstrate that it would help with the delivery of an important major arterial road through the growth area, as well as achieving a high standard residential subdivision.


We engaged economic analysts and retail specialists to work with us to produce evidence and policy-based arguments that would convince government decision-makers, at local and state level, that our client’s plan, although a variation to the current strategic vision, would ultimately achieve the same or better outcomes in terms of employment opportunities.

The solution delivered was a town centre design and overall estate layout focusing on the delivery of health facilities as a key differential between this site and others. Land has been set aside for future delivery of a regional hospital to service the broader community.

The estate features an integrated open space system with expansive areas of parks and reserves with green links throughout. These will promote walking and cycling, and a healthy active community.


Because of our unwavering commitment to supporting our client’s vision for the project, and the expertise and resources we committed to it, the client was able to see their vision brought to life. The delivery of the connector road enabled them to proceed with construction ahead of the development front. Construction is now well underway, with final completion expected in 2022.

St Germain was selected as a Demonstration Project by the VPA and the City of Casey – demonstrating the early provision of jobs and infrastructure to the growth areas.

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