Woondella Sale

Woondella is a 190 lot residential estate in Sale, in East Gippsland.


Ceej Pty Ltd and Defence Housing Australia

Site location:

Maffra-Sale Road, Sale, Victoria

Services deployed:

Woondella is a 190 lot residential estate in Sale, in East Gippsland. The vision for Woondella was to create a high quality residential living environment with tree lined streets, a shared path network and public open space, with protection of majestic old river red gums.

Beveridge Williams provided a full range of services from pre-planning through to completion of the project. The development has provided a range of affordable housing options, including several allotments for defence housing, all focussed around green space. Open space is a key feature of the design with the integration of Woondella Park with its popular children’s playground and habitat conservation reserves. The giant river red gums have been safely retained, giving the reserve a strong identity while also providing habitat to local fauna.

A shared path through the estate’s reserves links to the broader bicycle and pedestrian path network, providing a safe and convenient link to Sale town centre and local schools.

Woondella set a new standard in residential living in the region, through the use of best practice, innovative design, focussed on connectivity, community and conservation.

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