Clarinda Park

Clarinda Park in Cranbourne West is a 480 lot residential housing estate.


Clarinda Park in Cranbourne West is a 480 lot residential housing estate. The site includes a local shopping precinct, a school, pre-school and other community facilities, active and passive parks and drainage reserves.  There is a range of housing types including large lots and townhouses.

Beveridge Williams provided a full range of services, from pre-planning application stage through to construction supervision.  Commencing in early 2014, the 12 stages of the estate were successfully delivered in under 3 years. 

An early challenge in the project was the proposed urban structure proposed in the Precinct Structure Plan (PSP). This had limitations for successful delivery of the project in terms of economically feasible staging. The proposal had a large active open space area on Hall Road, with all residential development to the south of this. Beveridge Williams team of urban designers, engineers and landscape architects, looked at potential options that could retain the overall vision for the PSP, but provide a more efficient delivery of the project. Beveridge Williams has built strong relationships with the officers at Casey City Council and we were able to successfully negotiate an alternate urban structure with open space at the centre of the estate, connected to a primary school and local shopping centre.

The landscape design is integral to the success of this project. The linked system of parks and linear reserves provide a range of recreational features, including unique play spaces and a very popular fenced, dog exercise area. One park is directly connected to the shopping centre and a paved plaza with al fresco dining.

The thoughtful design of the estate promotes community interaction for people of all ages.

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