Strata Certification (NSW)

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Strata Certification is a specialised arm of private certification, which we are proud to offer to our clients in NSW. This service gives you access to private certification benefits to complete the many requirements in property development to enable final occupation.

Our Strata Certification Services cover the assessment and issue of:

  • Complying Development Certificates for consent to strata subdivide
  • Strata Certificates for final strata subdivision

  • ‘Tailors Walk’, Botany
  • Strata Certification Building

Our accredited Strata Certifier, Robert Polson (Registration No BPB1897) possesses postgraduate qualifications in Town Planning and is a Registered Land Surveyor. Such extensive qualifications and experience ensures Robert has a well-rounded view of the complete strata development process and a unique insight into every detail required to ensure a smooth approval process. Streamlining the process for our clients, Robert is accredited to sign Strata Plans in place of Council and issue Complying Development Certificates for consent to strata subdivide.

Benefits of engaging a private certifier

  • Truncates approval times - Strata Certificate issued four to eight weeks earlier than the normal council process

Low rise medium density complying development and development certification of dual occupancies manor house or multi-dwelling houses (terraces)

Recent amendments have been made to the Exempt and Complying Development Code (Code SEPP) to include Low Rise Medium Density Housing.

The CODE SEPP will allow for the fast track approval of one and two storey dual occupancies, manor houses and terraces as complying development in R1, R2, R3 and RU5 zones, where medium density development is already permitted under Council’s Local Environmental Plan (LEP). Complying Development Certificates (CDC) may be issued subject to certain conditions, for both Strata Subdivision and Torrens (Land) title subdivision consent.

Specified Conditions to Development

The strata subdivision of a building for development consent via a complying development certificate must occur within 5 years of the consent for the building works.

The consent for the building work must have been issued under the Low-Rise Medium Density Housing Code to allow for subdivision of a dual occupancy, manor house or multi dwelling housing (terraces).

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To discuss the certification services we offer and how we may assist you with fast tracking your development contact:

Robert Polson
Beveridge Williams Central Coast
4/5 Colony Close , Tuggerah, NSW, 2259 or 0418 690 514

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