Newest members of The Institute of Transportation Engineers Committee

Callum Thomas (back row third from left) & Jane Butterworth (back row fourth from left)

The Institute of Transportation Engineers is an international organisation founded in 1930 that aims to promote the professional development of young Traffic Engineers.

The Australian & New Zealand chapter initiated the formation of the Young Members Committee (YMC). This sub committee will be tailored to support the development of young members across the transportation profession.

In recent times, Callum Thomas and Jane Butterworth have contributed to various workshops leading up to their inauguration into the Young Members Committee. These workshops discussed the future vision for the YMC, which is to increase awareness of the transport profession and provide support services for young transport enthusiasts.

On the 15th of May, 2019, Callum and Jane were selected to join the committee as Partnerships Coordinator and Student Leadership Summit Coordinator respectively.

Callum is pleased with his election and looks forward to building  partnerships for the inaugural YMC. Jane is delighted with the role she’s been nominated for and is looking forward to coordinating the Student Leadership Summit later this year.

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