Water Services Coordination (NSW)

Providing expertise in Water and Sewer Infrastructure

Beveridge Williams offers a range of water sewer infrastructure services, carried out by a fully-accredited Sydney Water Services Coordinator, who is based in the Campbelltown office and provides services to clients in NSW.

Sydney Water manages all water supply, pipes and sewers throughout Sydney and when plans look like they may affect Sydney Water assets, a Water Services Coordinator is required.



Section 73 Compliance Certificates

A Section 73 Compliance Certificate is necessary for residential, industrial and commercial developments if you have obtained a Council Development Consent or Complying Development Consent (CDC) for the following:

  • Torrens Title subdivision
  • Strata Title
  • Community Title
  • Dual occupancy
  • Boundary adjustment

Our highly-experienced Water Services Coordinator can act on a client’s behalf to submit a Section 73 Compliance Certificate.

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Building Plan Approval

Before any construction can commence, you must have a Sydney Water Building Plan Approval prior to Construction Certificate (CC). This is a requirement prior to the CC being issued by Council or a Private Certifier.

A Sydney Water Building Plan Approval ensures that you have considered the necessary steps that need to be taken to prevent damage to any nearby Sydney Water assets.

If you want to build over or adjacent to a Sydney Water asset, Beveridge Williams can assist with the additional approvals that are required to ensure that the asset will not be damaged, adjusted or replaced without Sydney Water’s consent.

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Water and Sewer Design

Our Water Services Coordinator is approved by Sydney Water to design sewer, potable and recycled water main extensions and adjustments in the categories of S1 (Sewerage Reticulation DN 150-300), S2 (Sewer Standard DN 375-750), W1(Water Reticulation DN 100-375), W2 (Water Supply DN > 375-750), RW (Recycled Water DN 65-375) and LP (Pressure Sewer Systems).

Taking it one step further, Beveridge Williams can also assist with Water and Sewer Project Coordination, ensuring the smooth implementation of these designs and that the right quality control measures are put in place.

In addition to Section 73 Compliance Certificates and Building Plan Approvals Beveridge Williams can also assist with:

  • Water and Sewer Design, Project Management & Supervision
  • Water and Sewer Adjustments / Extensions / Deviations & Amplifications
  • Sewer catchment designs and catchment analysis
  • Pressure Sewerage Service Reticulation Extension / Adjustments
  • Strategic planning and development servicing strategies
  • Building Over / Adjacent to Sydney Water’s asset applications
  • Notice of Requirements (NOR's)
  • Service Protection Reports (Sewer Peg out Reports
  • Plan Approvals
  • Pier Inspections
  • Concrete Encasement Inspections
  • Sydney Water service prints (Hydra prints and Sewerage Service Diagrams)

Please contact our Water Services Coordinator, Matthew Parker, on (02) 4625 5055 or at parkerm@bevwill.com.au for assistance.

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